I'm here to help your child gain confidence

You're your child's number-one cheerleader, the one who encourages them whenever they meet a challenge. I'll be happy to join the team. As a speech pathologist, I believe that:

  • Your child's self-esteem and communication are important
  • Your support for your child makes a massive difference
  • Our role is to motivate and engage with your child

With more than 14 years of experience, I offer everything from articulation to a thumb-sucking elimination program. Contact us now to find out more about a speech or oral habit elimination program.

Is My Child on Track?

Understand common signs of speech and language disorders.

Thumbs Up! Program

Prevent dental problems by treating thumb-sucking.

What is speech therapy like?

When your child works with a speech pathologist, they'll participate in a personalized program. It might include play therapy to make improving their speech fun, or early literacy education to build their language skills.

You can arrange for speech therapy services:

  • At my office
  • In your home near Cedar Rapids
  • Via teletherapy in Iowa or North Dakota

As a speech therapist, I will collaborate with you to help your child continue learning outside of their sessions. To discuss your child's speech and needs, arrange for a free 20-minute consultation right away. You can call 319-214-0699 or email.

Help Your Child Speak With Ease

Work with a speech pathologist virtually or in person in Cedar Rapids, IA

Watching your child struggle to speak can be hard for any parent. It can be hard to guide them to speak clearly, confidently and comfortably. A speech pathologist can help your child overcome speech difficulties and gain confidence. Sounds & Smiles, LLC offers individualized speech therapy services to the Cedar Rapids & Des Moines, IA.